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   Dec 09

Snake venom and their Symptoms

Cytotoxic - Cell acting poison – typical of Adders and Rinkhals except The Berg Adder.
Cytotoxic venom destroys the cells – usually causing massive necrosis or death of large parts of flesh. Adders have long fangs and this means the venom can be injected quite deeply into the tissues.

Haemotoxic - Blood acting poison -Typical of Boomslang.
Haemotoxin causes the prolongation of blood clotting time or destroys the ability of the blood to clot at all. The victim suffers massive tissue bleeding and huge “bruises” develop all over the body. Blood oozes from all mucous membranes. It is slow acting and responds rapidly to the correct anti-venom. In severe cases massive transfusions of whole blood may be necessary.

Neurotoxic – typical of the Cobra
venom paralyses the musculature. Early warning symptoms are tingling in the lips, inability to swallow saliva and increasingly difficult respiration. The pupil dilates and does not respond to light. The action of such venoms is usually fairly rapid with severe symptoms manifesting themselves within hours in most cases.

Venom in the eyes
In the event of venom entering the eye from a Rinkhals wash out the affected eye with large quantities of water or any bland liquid, and seek medical attention immediately to prevent permanent damage. Failure to do so can result in temporary loss of sight or permanent blindness. The eye will burn intensely and vision will be blurred for even days afterwards.

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