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   Sep 06

Cape Cobra

  • Notoriously common in and around human habitats in search of food and water supply
  • will flee instead of facing aggressor
  • very aggressive when cornered and will spread a hood, hiss loudly and readily strike
  • Average length ¬†1.2 – 1.5m, slender and fast moving
  • smooth scales, colour varies between yellow, brown, cream and speckled
  • very¬†powerful neurotoxin which attacks the nervous system
  • img_6958-large img_5666-large
    The Cape Cobra on attack It could easily be confused with a mole snake.
    juvenile-cape-cobra-012-1 juvenile-cape-cobra-012-2
    Juvenile Cape Cobra Juvenile Cape Cobra

    cape-cobra-adult-light-colur-109 img_6947-large
    Lightly coloured Cape Cobra It is capable of ‘chasing’.
    img_6952-large img_6948-large
    Business side of the Cape Cobra As with most snakes, it would rather run and hide than bite

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